Why Would You Need a Tooth Extraction?

Dental issues are a big cause of stress for many people and, because of that, you may be avoiding dental care as much as you possibly can. That being said, if you’re dealing with oral health issues, it’s likely that you may need a tooth extraction st pete fl. What would lead your dentist to extracting your tooth? Here are a few of the big reasons.

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Your Tooth is Causing You Pain

Pain is the most common reason that your dentist may choose to go ahead and take a tooth out. While they may try other alternatives first, they will definitely take it out if they feel that it’s the right course of action for you and your needs.

Impacted Teeth Can Cause Bite Problems

If any of your teeth are impacted into your gums, it can really mess with the rest of your mouth. It could push teeth out of alignment or cause gaps between your teeth. So, if you have impacted teeth (like what is common with wisdom teeth), your dentist may just recommend extractions.

It’s Making it Difficult to Function or Causing Other Health Issues

Sometimes, teeth can cause other health issues, like chronic migraines or sinus problems. If that’s the case, then your dentist may remove the offending tooth so that the other problems can be taken care of properly. They may also work with your ENT or other professional to see if that’s a course of action they want to take.

Make a dentist appointment sooner than later. Many times, you will be much better off and you’ll be able to find a lot of solutions that are going to work very well for you and what you may be looking to do and take care of. Your dentist can help you out and you’ll have peace of mind about it, as well.