What you can expect from general dentist

This is for those of you who have been avoiding the general dentist like the plague. There could have been any number of inexcusable reasons for you not going to the dentist all these years. And if it appears that you are doing okay and you still have all your teeth then you could consider yourself to be one of the lucky ones. Perhaps you have a set of good genes which you might want to share. Or not. Others, however, have not been able to get away that easily, and this is why perhaps the general dentistry paramount ca clinic could be seeing a lot more of them for the time being.

No matter how well the patient has practiced good dental hygiene over the years, dental decay is natural when the body ages. But dental work is able to reverse this tide. Teeth may still be in a generally good condition, so not much work may need to be done in the areas of cleaning the teeth and gums and correcting areas of infections and cavities. But for those unfortunate enough to have to lose their teeth, it is never the end of the world.

general dentistry paramount ca

Teeth may loosen naturally. Or the dentist may insist on pulling them. In their place comes dentures or dental implants. But perhaps your more senior citizens could relate. They have perhaps lived long enough to experience the proverbial clacking of grandma’s false teeth. Apart from it looking odd, it’s also distracting. You always know that it’s there. But the new dentures that will be installed are far removed from the old.

They feel just as natural as, well, natural teeth. And they stay comfortable and white just as long as the patient continues to practice her good dental and oral hygiene.