Empowering People With Disabilities

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A former US President was left fuming when the accusation was made by right wing tunnel-visioned thought leaders. Thought leaders? The accusation made was that this two-term president was nothing more than an affirmative action appointee. Never mind the fact that prior to going into politics, this was a man who served as chairman of the Harvard Law Society. On his own terms. On merit.

But he fumed further still when those right-wingers continued to argue against the very act. Affirmative action. While the honorable and humane policy has been abused and corrupted in other parts of the world, power in the right hands gives minorities, culturally and physically challenged, a fair shot at making it in a career or job of choice. It is sadly necessary but nevertheless realistic to have to pull strings on behalf of others who continue to be hard done by, mostly unfairly and undeservedly.

It is a complex matter but it boils down to abject prejudice. The potential employer sees no further than next quarter’s financial statements and no further than his nose when weighing up the pros and cons of employing a disabled person, a person in a wheelchair. But a person with the brain of a genius. How does that even begin to make sense in denying such a person, and there are a few, his or her career opportunity.

A disability recruiter program philadelphia office helps to right the workplace where it has been wronged. The streets of Philadelphia. Indeed. Not just here but all across the country. Not just in the States but all across the world. The prejudice and blind ignorance continues. Someone once said that ignorance is bliss. How is that? No. No excuses please. Ignorance is not bliss!