Stay Safe This Summer: Avoid Common Dangers

People love summer time. They love the warm weather, the excitement, the parties and all of the beauty of the season. After spending weeks inside the house, it’s only expected that people eagerly await summer. But with this season comes an assortment of dangers that you must be weary of. Without protection against these dangers, summer fun can quickly wind down to an end well before you’re ready. What are some of the most common summertime dangers you should strive to protect yourself against?


Mosquitoes and ticks cause a lot of annoyance during the summer but they each carry disease that can be transmitted to humans via a bite. Don’t allow your summer fun to end due to pests when you can call a mosquito and tick exterminator el paso to the home to prevent infestations and problems.


The hot days of summer can deplete our bodies of much needed water and leave us dehydrated. Dehydration can cause headaches and a myriad of other problems and symptoms. Drink plenty of water at all times, especially during the summer or when completing strenuous activities. It keeps you healthy and safe!

UV Rays

The sunshine is nice and all but it still causes sunburns and increases the risks of skin cancer. Always wear sunscreen when going outside. Reapply every 4 hours for best results. Wear a hat to cover the top of your head. Many people take it one step further and wear long sleeved shirts to protect their arms but the heat may be too hot for this step for some people.

Food Poisoning

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Be mindful of foods during picnics and BBQs. They’ll spoil quicker when it is hot outside and must be put in the refrigerator sooner to prevent food-borne illnesses. Whether it is meat or side dishes, handle with caution during the summer heat.